Graduate engine-oil hawker killed by assailant in Gbagada

Graduate engine-oil hawker killed by assailant in Gbagada

Graduate engine-oil hawker killed by assailant in Gbagada

A woman in her early 50’s who sells engine-oil, has been killed on Adewale Kuku Street, Millennium Estate, Gbagada, Lagos State. Her corpse was found with a deep machete cuts in the head, neck and hand.

The victim simply identified as Madam Vivian, was said to be sleeping in an abandoned white truck parked in a bush on the estate when she was killed on Monday.

Residents told the police that Vivian who surfaced in the environment a year ago had no family trace and she hawks engine-oil around the area before resting her head daily at night in a white truck parked on an empty land in the environment.

A resident who spoke under anonymity said, “The woman usually slept in the truck. But every morning, she would go to a house to get a bucket of water to take her bath. She was a loner. I once sighted an identity card with her, which indicated that she was a manager in a big company before things took a turn for the worse for her.

“I have known her for more than one year. She was intelligent and spoke good English. In fact, she attended one of the Pentecostal churches on this estate.”

Another resident said, “She supplied engine oil to some people around here. She was a middleman between the suppliers and the receivers. It is possible that a deal went wrong and that was why she was killed. It is also possible some people had noticed that she always slept alone in the truck and had wanted to take advantage of her. She appeared to me to be mentally ill and she speaks very good English.”

When the policemen at the Anthony division removed the corpse, they were told she had a boyfriend. The police then called the man in deceit to give him a job, and upon his arrival, he was arrested. The owner of the land where the abandoned white truck in which she was killed was parked, was also arrested.




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