Eagleserve Consultants gets AAAN nod, set to build iconic brands

Eagleserve Consultants gets AAAN nod, set to build iconic brands
L-R: APCON Northern Zonal Director: Alh. Ahmed Yelwa, Chairman AAAN Membership Committee: Chief OdunFadoju, Managing Director Eagleserve Consultants Ltd: Prince Shola Rotimi, AAAN Executive Director LekanFadolapo.

A Northern Nigeria based integrated marketing communications agency, Eagleserve Consultants Limited has been certified by the Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria (AAAN) to practice the business of advertising and marketing communications in the country.

The Managing Director of the one stop, research centered marketing agency, Prince Shola Rotimi, who disclosed this to our correspondent said that the top flight agency provides holistic services for faster and better results for clients at greater value. Being research centered, the agency works with a deep insight of the clientele target audience’s perception and attitudes, this makes it easier to influence and change them positively.

We are proud to announce to the advertising and marketing communications industry that we have been certified and admitted to be member of the Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria (AAAN) due to our proficiency in providing holistic services for faster and better results for brands at greater value as well as our ability and capability to know the perception and the attitude of our numerous clients target audience”.

Prince Rotimi also disclosed that Eagleserve Consultants Limited, as a data based integrated marketing communications creative agency is configured to diagnose and prescribe reliable solutions that would be displayed on graphical dash boards. “Figures don’t lie, so we produce quantifiable and measureable results, we are driven to build healthier and more result oriented marketing communities”, he added.

On Eagleserve Consultant's unique selling proposition (USP), Prince Rotimi maintained that "our intriguing insight (eagle eye) is our unique selling proposition, we are a research centered branding outfit, proficient in discerning the imperceptible factors that constitute every brand equity. We distill marketing information through the prism of deep perception.

Like an eagle, we are the medium through which individuals and corporate organisations voices could easily be heard from afar, through adequate brand relationship management. Continuing, Rotimi said that “as a research based brand architectural agency, Eagleserve Consultants design and develop brands through digging into piles of data to unveil undiscovered innovations, which provides clients with branding insights to drive effective communication platforms. We are creatively driven with our analytical skills to produce
branding experience to the target audience. Our wealth of experience, professional personnel, communication research measures and creative tools used in retrieving information on campaign themes, appeals, media selection, target audience, brand positioning give us an edge in influencing public choice and buying decision.”

On which qualities fortifies the agency to excel in the midst of competition, especially with the presence of intimidating credentials displayed by some older agencies that play in the same market, Prince Rotimi stated that his agency has not only satisfied the current requirements but also put in place foundations on which the future can capitalize on.

Based on well researched information, our media group uses our great analytical skills to determine the best media mix for the products target audience. Also, to make emotional connection between the brand and the consumer, our media planners build platforms around consumer insights to separate our brands from the competition by providing consumers with brand experience that allows consumers to touch and feel the brand in a way that truly captivates them "he said.

“As a research based creative outfit, we understand the consumer better, so we build brand connections that maximize client’s business growth. For almost a decade, we have been operating throughout the Northern part of the country, we are familiar with the northern terrain. We know the perception and the altitude of the people and we know how to influence them and change their perception positively for our clients,” he added.

The agency also orchestrates a two-way dialogue with clients and audience on its Interactive Market System (IMS), its Experiential Marketing (ExM) brings brand personalities to life and adds value to the target audience’s experience. Eagleserve Consultants identities unique story angles and media opportunities to find the right media outlets to reach target audiences laced with extensive experience in planning and
managing special events as well as the agency’s ability to create the most innovative and effective communication solutions.

The Managing Director of the agency, Shola Rotimi, a marketing strategist and corporate communications expert is a graduate of Statistics from University of Ilorin and a master’s degree holder in Marketing with bias in Marketing Research. He is a member of Nigerian Institute of Public Relations, Nigerian Statisticians Association and full member of Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria.

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