Nigeria still critically sick at 57 – TUC President

Nigeria still critically sick at 57 - TUC President
Comrade (Dr.) Bobboi Bala Kaigama, President of Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC).

Comrade (Dr.) Bobboi Bala Kaigama, President of Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC), on the Occasion of the 57th  Independence Day Anniversary of the Country on 1st  October, 2017, described Nigeria as a country that is critically sick at 57.

Buttressing his view for describing the country as sick, Kaigama in the statement said: “Nigeria was not the only country that attained independence in the year 1960, but 17 other countries did, and that 16 of them are in Africa, including Cyprus in Europe, and that Nigeria is today not at par with other countries that attained Independent in the same year with her”.

“The situation is more worrisome, even in the face of the fact the other countries do not have one-tenth of what Nigeria has in terms of human and natural resources”, he added.

The labour leader likened the case of Nigeria to that of having water to drink but no water to drink. He lamented that the country’s situation beats the imagination of the world.

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“Our plight as a country beats the imagination of the world. Why? We have an ocean behind our house yet bath with spittle. The United State of America has enjoyed nationhood for over 250 years, yet still together with its components states.

“Politicians frustrate every effort to make our country healthier. How do we reconcile it that in a country where state governmentsclaim they cannot pay ordinary N18, 000 national minimum a lawmaker who barely attends three sessions per week smiles home with over N30m per month?”

Kaigama recalled the wealth of human resources that the country is blessed with but regretted that an enabling environment is not being created for Nigerians for the realisation of their dreams.
He cited instances where Nigerians are excelling and developing their host countries as against their inability to excel at home.

Instances cited by the labour leader cut across Mr. Adebayo Ogunlesi who bought three foreign Airports through his private firm in six years, Mr. Philips Emegwali who is reputed to be the father of computer and Mr. Jelani Aliyu, the designer who produced General Motor (GM’s) most electrifying advanced technology vehicle, the Chevrolet Volt concept.

He said considering the blessings which God has bestowed on Nigeria that the Independence anniversary should be taken as an opportunity to reflect on the economy and society at large.

He said: “We must all look at the reality in our country dispassionately, honestly and work to achieve a better Nigeria for our children.  Life has become unbearable for majority of Nigerians. It is laughable that our leaders travel abroad and but do not replicate what they saw over there.”

The labour leader, who expressed optimism in his statement, however, said: “The world dismisses us but we must not dismiss ourselves. The world is pessimistic about the future of the most populated black nation but we must resolve to shame them. The country must not be allowed to snowball into a theatre of war and a ready-made market for arms and ammunitions. No. Never again! It is natural to despair but the Congress sees light at the end of the

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