Prof. Pat Utomi endorses Buhari for Presidency


Renowned Political economist, Prof. Pat Utomi, has endorsed the All Progressives Congress presidential candidate, Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), and urged Igbos and Nigerians to vote for Buhari in order to restore hope to Nigeria.

At the unveiling of a Pan-Igbo group, Igboekulie, in Lagos on Wednesday, Utomi said Buhari’s coming would be likened to what happened in the United States in 1981 when the Americans were fed up with the Jimmy Carter administration with inflation as high as 29%, but it took a 70 years old man, Ronald Reagan, to run for Presidency in the United States, to turn things around and revive the American spirit.

He said Igbos have been branded as people who sell their votes to the highest bidder and therefore, urged them to vote wisely in order to shed this reputation.

“I think Nigerians don’t have any alternative in the person of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari. I refer to him from my writings as the Buhari ascendancy. That reminds me of what happened in the US when I lived there with President Ronald Reagan.

“We had one wonderful, nice guy called Jimmy Carter as President. Things went so awfully wrong. Inflation was 29 per cent.” he explained.



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  4. Onyebuchi Onuke

    No democratic government have been able to successfully organize a concluded National Conference. This is a milestone accomplishment. GEJ’s government is the one that is conquering and will vanquish the dreaded Book Haram and by God’s grace, will restore peace to all Nigerians. Remember that Boko Haram started before GEJ became president of Nigeria. No Nigerian is scared of offences that may lead to split of Nigeria if GEJ wins the election. Moreover, the North will not fear of losing their turn for presidency if GEJ emerges the next president.

    We have Nigeria made cars today, we are working on manufacturing ballistic missile vests, children have better access to education. Soon we will be the number one exporter of shoes and clothing (Aba made) in the world, and many other accomplishments including support for good and sustainable agriculture and farming.

    Please leave GEJ alone, just give him time to transform Nigeria for our own interest. We believe in GEJ’s government for the next four years. QED.

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