Sotibe Nigeria launches Dolait, a non-preservative yoghurt

Sotibe Nigeria launches Dolait, a non-preservative yoghurt
L-R: Head Sales, Mr Tolu Adewunmi; Mr Olubunmi; General Manager, Mr Monah Chalabi; a nutritionist, Mr Austin Anyanwu

Sotibe Nigeria has launched into the Nigerian market, Dolait, a non-preservative and tasty yogurt.

Dolait, a natural and fresh yoghurt, has been in some African countries including Cameroon, Republic of Benin, for 16 years and has been selling in Shoprite, Dellis and top supermarkets across major states in the country since it’s introduction into the Nigerian market.

The General Manager of the organization, Mr Monah Chalabi, said during the launch that Dolait is a natural and healthy yoghurt drink and the company has a factory in Cotonou which serves the Benin Republic and Nigeria markets.

He said, “Dolait Yoghurt has been the favorite of Camerounians and some other African countries for 16 years, giving the yearning populace a healthy product with nutritional values. Our organization also has a factory in Cotonou, Benin Republic that serves both the Benin Republic community and the Nigeria market.

“Sotibe Nigeria Limited the manufacturer of Dolait yoghurt has existed in Nigeria since 2016 and we thought this is the right time to formally launch our tasty and nutritious product to the yearning people of Nigeria at a pocket friendly price.” He added.

The Sales Manager, Mr Tolu Adewunmi, stated that Dolait yoghurt is unique and comes handy for consumers. He said it is the first yoghurt with a straw attached and pocket friendly to individual capacities.

Dolait Yoghurt contains the best of ingredient, produced under hygienic environment and well packaged to customers delight. It is handy and easy to hold. Dolait Yoghurt, if not freeze does not spoil and it is best served chilled for both the sick and healthy.

Dolait yoghurt comes in sizes for consumers and variants such as vanilla, strawberry, mango, banana, pineapple and apricot.

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